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Hi, my friend its been too long.. I haven't been helping my friend for awhile now.. The new dentures that I was so excited about, have for some time been giving me the same issues I had with the first 2 sets... 2 steps forward 1 step back.. But I am keeping my chin up.. Would you mind giving the info again, I will call and talk to somebody.. I can't continue like this for many reasons phisical and emotaial.. How are you doing these days... are your implants working out? I have missed our communication.. have a blessed day.. and old friend..........Kat

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 in response to troy flora...   

Hi Troy Flora,

I never did tell you what my dream is.  I would like to be healthy and have my little piece of land again!

Energy in order, from there I would like to be a part in creating Dental access to EVERYONE who needs it.  Sometime all we need to make our world right is a REAL and SINCERE smile from people.  

When a person is in pain, it is hard to be positive, helpful, and caring.  Everyone should have access to GOOD Dental Care and Repair.   ~Sandav1~ 

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troy flora

Thank you for visiting my blog site, we will update our company's programs as they develop. Please leave a comment on our what is your dream group page. You may receive funds for your dream. Be specific with your dreams. Good luck!!!

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Hi, I hope that my bad and horrible experience teach us that is somebody ask for money I mean, they said: Non colateral fee or an upfront fee and then your money or funds are released, don´t believe them!!

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